Price list

With the Price list app, you can easily create a table of products with a title, description, price and "sub-price". You can format each of these four product fields individually. Each item then takes on this style, allowing you to create a uniformly formatted table in no time.

Price list


This app has a couple of properties that can be configured for the entire table and a couple that can be configured for each individual item property.

Table properties

You can configure the app using the following properties:

Property Explanation
Line spacing Sets the spacing between multiple lines of text.
Item distance Sets the spacing between the items.
Include description Select whether you want each item to be displayed on one line with just the title and price, or on two lines with an additional description and "sub-price".

There are also a number of generic app properties that you can configure that you'll find on many other elements as well.

Product field properties

When you select one of the product fields in the price list, you will get to configure the following style properties for all fields of the same type:

Property Explanation
Font Select the font of the selected product field type.
Size Set the font size of the selected product field type.
Color & style Set the font color and style (bold or italic) of the selected product field type.
Alignment Set the alignment of the selected product field type.

When editing the text, you can press TAB to move to the next table cell or Shift + TAB to move to the previous table cell. If you press TAB when you are in the last table cell, a new product will be added to the table. You can also add and remove products by using the buttons in the property box.