The Weather app shows the weather forecast for a particular location (city/village). You can either show hourly forecasts or daily forecasts. In case of a daily forecast, the maximum temperature for each day is shown in a large font and the minimum temperature is shown in a small font beneath that.


Time and date formats depend on the content language setting on the company settings page.


You can configure the app using the following properties:

Property Explanation
Location Start typing the name of the desired location and wait for the list of matching locations to pop up. Select the desired location.
Unit Do you want to see the temperature in Celcius or Fahrenheit? Selecting Fahrenheit will also show wind speeds in MPH instead of km/h.
Forecast Select either hourly or daily. Note that for most locations, "hourly" actually means "three-hourly", since there is no more detailed data available.
Number The number of forecast blocks to be shown.
Include wind speed as Select any of the available units (Mph, ft/s, kt, Bft, etc.) if you like to display wind speed and direction too.

And finally there are a number of generic app properties that you can configure that you'll find on many other elements as well.