Mixin functionality is only available in Pro subscriptions.

Mixins are useful for larger company setups with multiple dashboards. Let's say you have a big company, with the head quarters managing the main dashboard and a number of other offices managing their own dashboards from which they play their channels. With mixins, HQ can periodically interrupt playback of all channels of all offices and have those channels play HQ's mixin channel instead. This is particularly useful, for example, in a scenario where playback of advertisements or HQ messages is mandatory in the office channels.

Configuring A Mixin Channel

  1. On the main dashboard, click on the channel that should be mixed into the office's channels.
  2. Click on the gear icon. Mixin configuration
  3. Check the Mix channel into extra dashboard channels every ... seconds.
  4. Fill in the interval with which the playback of the other channels should be interrupted.

Let's say you fill in 600 seconds, then playback of the other channels will be interrupted every 10 minutes. The mixin channel will play exactly once: so once it is played, it will not start from the beginning again.

Only one channel can be set as a mixin channel.


In summary, mixins are a way to do a mandatory push of content from HQ to all other dashboard. Other dashboard users cannot opt out.

There are two more voluntary ways of sharing content with other dashboards:

  1. on page level: other dashboard owners can choose to copy individual pages from another dashboard. That is simple and easy, but the main drawback is that any changes made to the original page, will not be available on the copies made of this page.
  2. on playlist level: other dashboard owners can choose to link to a playlist on another dashboard. This is also easy and has the added benefit that updates made to the original are immediately reflected in the linked playlist.