Which Player Is Best For Me?

Have a look at the hardware options page for an overview and comparison of the most popular players that you can use to show PLayr content.

Multiple Channels On Multiple Screens With One Computer

When you have multiple screens connected to one computer and you want each screen to display a different channel it is easiest to run multiple instances of a browser: one on each screen. Here's how to do this in Windows.

  1. On your hard drive, create a directory for the browser to store it data: one for each screen, e.g. C:\screen1, C:\screen2 and C:\screen3.
  2. Find and copy the Chrome Icon on the desktop; create one copy for each screen.
  3. For each icon:
    1. Right click the icon
    2. Select Properties
    3. Change the Target field and paste in the following code, setting the desired channel URL, window-position offset and the unique user data directory for that screen:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --app="" --window-position=1920,0 --kiosk --user-data-dir=C:\screen1


  1. It could be that your Chrome app is installed in a different directory than the one listed in the line above. Be sure to use your own directory then.
  2. If you use our startup script, you want to make the changes described above to the startup script instead of you the properties of the Chrome icons.
  3. This example is for Windows but should work similarly for Linux and MacOS.